About Mermaiden Studio

Janet MacCausland is an avid SCUBA diver, photographer and designer. Her work has recently been awarded by the National Association of Nature Photographers of America, NANPA. She is the recipient of many awards prior to this honor. In the past she generated many best-selling designs and her artistic flair carries forward into her portrait, underwater, landscape and wildlife photography.  Currently Janet enjoys traveling and photographing the continent by RV, going as far a ferry can take her to the end of the roads.

Janet first became interested in the ocean creatures as a child vacationing at her grandparent's place on a salt creek off Lewis Bay, West Yarmouth, Massachusetts. With buckets, nets, quahog rakes, and minnow traps with mussels and bread for bait, she and her siblings spent many excited moments pulling all manner of strange creatures from the muddy bottom at the end of the dock. The glare of the windswept water was a constant frustration as it obliterated the view of the watery depths. A snorkeler's mask was the only solution. As an adult snorkeling in Jamaica, the excitement was rekindled. She became certified to SCUBA dive in 1984. A New Englander, she frequents the cold boreal Atlantic waters, delighting in the mysteries therein, and also warm exotic locations. A naturalist, Janet continues to be fascinated by the ecosystems and relationships of the fish, crustations, echinoderms, shell fish and all ocean animals, as well as the estuaries and tributaries and the birds and wild life which inter-depend on each other. Janet has been making photographs since she was fifteen, when her father showed her how to use a black and white darkroom. She has a BFA from Moore College of Art with additional studies at Rhode Island School of Design and Massachusetts College of art. She has received numerous awards and been published and exhibited many times.  Her work has been both in Garment Design and Photography, which is her current passion.  It is with much pleasure in sharing the beauty of the natural outdoor world that Janet invites you to share her photographic studies of the animals and their habitats posted on this site. Please feel free to make inquiries by contacting her directly at jmmermaid@aol.com.